Ufficio Pio

Since 1595, Ufficio Pio has provided support to individuals and families in difficult situations

Established in 1595, Ufficio Pio is an instrumental branch of Compagnia di San Paolo, operating independently within the framework of the general working principles defined by the Compagnia.
Ufficio Pio supports individual and families in situation of vulnerability or social and economic distress within the territory of the Piedmont Region, with a special focus on the Turin metropolitan area.
Its activities are managed directly and are carried out in partnership with many local organisations.
Ufficio Pio operates through the action of about 150 volunteers and a staff of 34 operators.
Its economic resources most originate from the annual contribution from Compagnia di San Paolo and other smaller sources of income and annuities.
Ufficio Pio is an NPO (socially useful non profit organisation) foundation established under private law and registered in the legal persons register held by the Piedmont Region.

The areas of activity

Combating poverty

To enhance the employability of individuals, support families in severe financial difficulties, organise educational and social integration activities for the young in the summer.

Preventing poverty

To prevent and ward off the risk of impoverishment for individuals and families, by promoting individual skills and economic self-sufficiency.

Inclusion and reintegration

To promote reintegration in the social and employment spheres of persons who are homeless or have problems with the criminal justice system.

European projects

Projects that have won European Commission calls for proposals addressing specific themes to do with university studies, financial education, employment.


rom the support offered to women without a dowry in 1595 to today’s introduction to the labour market, Ufficio Pio has provided, and continues to provide, support to individuals and families in difficult situations with a view to doing away with social exclusion factors.
Discover the main steps, from the 16th century to the present.

Bylaws and governing bodies

Ufficio Pio’s current bylaws were adopted in 2015.
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A salient trait of the activities carried out by Ufficio Pio is the proactive contribution of volunteers to the realisation of services to the family. At present, about 150 volunteers work on the projects underway in collaboration with the operators.
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