Bylaws and governing bodies

Ufficio Pio della Compagnia di San Paolo is a foundation established under private law, registered in the legal persons register held by the Piedmont Region.
Its status is that of a socially useful non profit organisation (NPO).
It is an instrumental branch of Compagnia di San Paolo, operating independently within the framework of the general criteria and working principles defined by the Compagnia.
It carries out its activities within the territory of the Piedmont Region, with a special focus on the Turin metropolitan area.
It was established on 14 May 1595 to have an unlimited duration.

Chairman of the Board

The Chairman of the Board is appointed by Compagnia di San Paolo from among the members of the Board and is the legal representative of Ufficio Pio. Like the Board, the Chairman serves for a three years term.

Nanni Tosco
Chairman of the Board of Directors

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is the body responsible for defining the policies and regulations governing the organisational and operational activities of Ufficio Pio della Compagnia di San Paolo. The members are appointed by Compagnia di San Paolo, from among persons with competences in the field of social and welfare issues.

Antonella Ricci
Vice president


Pier Luigi Amerio


Mauro Battuello


Giorgina Gallo


Daniela Gregnanin


Carlo Nacthmann

The Director of Ufficio Pio is appointed by the Board on a proposal put forward by the Chairman and with the approval of Compagnia di San Paolo.
The Director is responsible for the organisation and operation of Ufficio Pio.
The Board that took office in 2014 appointed Silvia Cordero as Director of Ufficio Pio.

Silvia Cordero

Board of auditors
The Board of Auditors is entrusted with the powers and functions provided for in arts. 2403 ff. of the Italian Civil Code. It is composed of three standing auditors and an alternate auditor, all of them appointed by Compagnia di San Paolo, which also selects the member to serve as Chairman.

The Board of Auditors stays in office for a three years term. Its members may be reconfirmed twice.

Chairman, Bruno BARILE
Standing auditor, Mario M. BUSSO
Standing auditor, Pierantonio BOFFA
Alternate auditor, Francesca SPITALE

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Bylaws of Ufficio Pio della Compagnia di San Paolo