A salient trait of the activities carried out by Ufficio Pio is the proactive contribution of volunteers to the realisation of services to the family.
About 150 volunteers are currently working on the projects underway in collaboration with the operators.
The volunteers have many tasks, such as, assisting individuals and families, promoting and facilitating the interaction between programme beneficiaries, the NPO and local welfare services, providing guidance and information on how to access the programmes, monitoring the individual pathways activated.
In general, they operate to promote relationships of trust and reciprocity, build up relationships with and for the individuals and families in the care of the NPO, with a view to enhancing the impact of the processes,
The volunteers work without pay, in a spirit of solidarity, skilfully and in an organised manner.
New volunteers are always sought. During an induction period of about 3 months, newly recruited volunteers participate in various activities and get to know the programmes implemented by Ufficio Pio. This period makes it possible to gain insight into their propensities and their experiential characteristics and to offer them opportunities to experiment with their role, working side-by-side with experienced volunteers and professional operators.

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